Laser EngravingLaser engraving sample

Crystal Laser Engraving for Gifts and Awards

Dublin Crystal have been at the forefront of the crystal engraving industry in Ireland for over 40 years. We have incorporated the latest technology into our operations and combined with our eye for detail and quality, offer you a premium engraving service.

Our New Laser Engraving process brings engraving to the next level by allowing us to engrave 2D (text, graphics and photos) and 3D images inside high quality crystal.

Laser engraving sample          Laser engraving sample

How does it work?

Your photo/image is scanned and converted to an image made up of thousands of dots (point cloud). The laser machine then precisely recreates each of these dots inside the crystal, leaving the surface of the crystal clear and unblemished. The result is a truly unique, bright, sharp image of your photo suspended inside the crystal.


Laser engraving sample      Laser engraving sample

Family photographs

Why not get your favourite photograph immortalised in high quality crystal. Using the very latest technology we can provide you with a personalised crystal gift that will be cherished for many years. Why not add a little text message to complement your photo. Practically any good quality photo can be used (subject to approval).

Ideal for -

•  Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements

 •  Births, Christenings, Birthdays

•  Graduations, Memorials 

Corporate Gifts

Promote your company more effectively. Reward your achievers. Customise your gifts with photos, logos and text for that distinctive gift of quality.

Perfect for -

  Corporate promotions
  Trade gifts
Performance/Achievement Awards
  Events and Conferences
  Seasonal gifts to customers